Welcome to Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School!

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School includes three sections: the Primary School, the Academy, and the Preparatory School. All three sections focus on the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students, encouraging them to excel in both the classroom and the community. By working together, we develop a strong Christian bond between the students, teachers, and families.

Three Schools in One

Sacred Heart Primary School

The Primary School serves students from age 3 up to fifth grade. Their curriculum includes math, science, literacy skills, art, music, technology, physical education, foreign language, and religious instructions at almost all levels. Students in 3K and 4K are encouraged to begin developing their fine motor skills by learning to work together on different types of tasks. Students learn basic academic skills including colors, shapes, number concepts, and early writing skills. Students in K5 (Kindergarten) continue their education by developing vocabulary through phonics and early reading activities and writing, strengthening their math and problem solving skills, and learning social responsibility. From there, we continue to focus on strengthening that academic foundation while encouraging spiritual growth.

Sacred Heart Academy

The Sacred Heart Academy focuses on students from sixth through the eighth grades. We help them develop academic skills and prepare them for the transition from elementary to the upper-level preparatory school, while continuing to build upon their spiritual foundation. Students are no longer in self-contained classrooms and begin changing classrooms, a routine which is necessary to teach students responsibility and give them the opportunity to experience different teaching styles. The core curriculum includes math, science, history, literacy skills, physical education, technology, foreign language and religious instruction. Students in grades six receive music and art education.

Sacred Heart Preparatory School

The Preparatory School encompasses grades nine through twelve and focuses on preparing our students for a successful college career while guiding them during this important time in their spiritual growth. Students have a core curriculum consisting of English, science, math, history, and religion. Seniors have the option to participate in dual enrollment with Jacksonville State University and participate in English 101/102 and Mathematics 113/114 (College Algebra) for a reduced fee. Electives also include Spanish I/II/III, Yearbook, Choral and Drama, Anthropology, Stage Design, Art History, ACT Prep,and more as student interest and resources arise. We have several athletics available including volleyball, girls’ and boys’ basketball, baseball, cheerleading and girls’ soccer. We feel that it is important to develop as a person, as well as a student. Therefore, students participate in a service project that lets them give of themselves to the community.